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Thanks for CEO Magazine introduce Kanion Co CEO Ioannis Georgoulis and Ken Fung
November 07, 2023

Thanks for CEO Magazine introduce Kanion Co CEO Ioannis Georgoulis and Ken FungReference: https://digitalmag.theceomagazine.com/ioannis-georgoulis-ken-fung/A SUSTAINABLE APPROACHKanion Co founding duo Ioannis Georgoulis and Ken Fung are on a mission to bring affordable, sustainable, technologically

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Kanion Co: Showcasing Innovative HVAC Solutions at AHR Expo Chicago 2024
October 18, 2023

Kanion Co, a leading provider of HVAC, ventilation, and indoor air quality solutions, is excited to announce its participation in the highly anticipated AHR Expo Chicago 2024. As one of the largest HVACR and building technology trade shows in North America, the AHR Expo Chicago offers a platform

Steps For enhancing Air Conditioner Efficiency and Sustainability
October 04, 2023

IntroductionClimate change poses a significant threat to our planet, and the air conditioning industry has a crucial role to play in reducing our environmental impact. Kanion Co strives to provide eco-friendly solutions without compromising on comfort. By implementing innovative technologies

Going Green: The Revolution in Air Conditioning Industry by Kanion Co
October 04, 2023

The air conditioning industry plays a vital role in combating climate change and reducing our environmental impact. Kanion Co is revolutionizing the industry by providing eco-friendly air conditioning solutions that prioritize both comfort and sustainability. Through the implementation of cutting-ed

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Kanion Co has become one of the most Recognizable Domestic Brands Globally, initially introduced as an Innovator in the field of Air Conditioners. In a constant pursue to turn inapproachable, costly technologies into the new norm, we source & assemble only the latest, cutting-edge, technologically advanced parts, while invest our research in environmentally friendly material resources & novel production practices.


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