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Dehumidifier 220V 50Hz


introduces a series of appliances necessary for every home. Kanion Research & Development Team has undertaken the task of carefully utilizing three key sectors vital to our wellbeing. Food Quality, Air Quality & Robotics. Our scientific team incorporates advances in the three above mentioned sectors, to already existing, widely used products, aiming at improving them. In 2020, Kanion Group launches Kanion Small Domestic Appliances that really get to the point, Including many different types of fans, heaters, air coolers, garment steamers, free standing inductions, blenders, water dispensers & kettles. Outstanding examples among those products are the air purifiers line, with products able to contain even 0.03 micrometer ultrafine particles, the air fryers line that cook food with all the fulfilling taste of fried food, without the health toll & the robot vacuum cleaner, that undertakes to keep home clean, dust free & healthy, without occupying our precious time at home as it can be programmed to do the job at our absence. 

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